General Job Shadowing Guidelines

Please Note the following important information about all Job Shadows:
  • Students can miss only one school day per year for a Job Shadow. The absence is counted in the same way that a field trip is considered. Should students wish to complete more than one Job Shadow in a year, additional shadows must be scheduled for non-school days.
  • Unless special permission is granted, Job Shadows may not be schduled during PSSA testing days or on Advisory Days.
  • Field Trips, College Visits, and Career Days cannot be counted for Job Shadowing credit unless prior permission is granted, in writing, from the Project DREAMS office.
  • Students are expected to shadow an employer for the entire shift that he/she normally works. However, exceptions can be granted if required by the employer. Students may NOT shadow two employers in one day and count them as two separate shadows.

Non-School Day & SUMMER Job Shadowing Instructions
    • This must be done at least one week prior to your scheduled shadow.
      You do NOT need to submit a shadowing application prior to leaving school for Summer Break (for summer shadows).
    • IMPORTANT: Deliver or mail the completed registration form to the Project DREAMS Office. The completed form must be postmarked or dropped off to the office within one week of the completion of your shadow.
    • Print a copy of the completed Verification for your records.
      This must also be completed within one week of the shadow.

School-Day Shadowing Instructions

    • Print a copy of the completed Application for your records.
    • Do this prior to scheduling your job shadow.
  • Print the Job Shadow Packet from the response e-mail to your shadowing application (or from the website).
    • When your shadow has been scheduled, you and your parents need to sign the form. This grants you permission to miss a day of school.
      • The employer portion of the form does not need to be filled out yet.
    • Return the form to Mr. Deal in the Project DREAMS office at least five school days prior to your shadow.
  • The Job Shadow Registration form will be returned to you in homeroom.
    • Take the form with you to your shadow. The person you shadow signs the form to verify your attendance at the shadow.
    • Return this form to Mr. Deal in the Project DREAMS office within three school days of completing your shadow.
    • The online reflection allows you to attach an electronic copy of the business-style thank you letter to be sent to the employer.
    • Print a copy of the completed Verification for your records.
    • This must also be completed within one week of the shadow.

Job Shadowing Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I find someone to Job Shadow?
    • Students are required to find their shadow opportunity. If after several documented attempts at finding a shadow without success, the student may then come to School to Careers office and have them help with a contact.
  • Can I shadow a Mechanicsburg teacher?
    • Only Juniors and Seniors may shadow at the Middle School. Freshman and Sophomores interested in Middle School shadows may do so at another school district.
    • Students may not shadow at MASH. If you are interested in a high school shadowing experience, consider shadowing at one of our neighboring school districts.
    • Job Shadowing at the district elementary schools is permitted. The School to Careers office will help facilitate this process.
  • Can I shadow my parents or a family member?
    • Students may utilize their parents or other family members as a shadow opportunity if the occupation is one they are interested in and it is on their “World of Work Map” from the Discover program.
    • You may use a parent for only one of your job shadow requirements.
  • Should I keep my Job Shadowing paperwork?
    • Students are responsible for keeping all original copies of all forms (except the permission form) for their Project DREAMS portfolio.
    • School to Careers and Project DREAMS do not keep copies of any forms. When forms are received, they will be returned to the student via Homeroom or the student will be called down to pick up the forms.